Silver | Coarse Brush Metallic

Silver | Coarse Brush Metallic

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Metallic Vinyl provided in 12" x 12" sheets as well as 12" x 24" rolls (+ or – ½ inch margin).

This vinyl is manufactured from eco-friendly, 100% phthalate-free PVC in the U.S.A. This vinyl is durable and designed for long-lasting applications. Without a sealant, and with applying to a clean, dust free, smooth surface, these products have approximately 2-3 year durability. This durability is estimated and also based on environmental factors to include the care of the product, outdoor vs indoor, etc. Exceptionally harsh UV, weather, & environmental factors can shorten it’s lifespan. 

We do our best to display the color of the vinyl, but cannot be 100% accurate depending on the screen you are viewing on as well as the variation of shades that come from metallic vinyl. 

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