PW006 | Orange Floral | Pen Wrap

PW006 | Orange Floral | Pen Wrap

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The latest invention on the market to make creating a bit easier, and less expensive. 

NOTE: The product photos displayed are MOCK-UPS and/or DIGITAL mock-ups, final cut lines and print colors may vary slightly from your screen to the actual print. Every effort has been made to accurately represent what you'll be receiving! 

"Pen Wrap Rolls" are 12" x 5" (+ or – ½ inch margin) sheets, made with durable, high quality, vinyl and UV ink of completed seamless patterns that can make at minimum SEVEN (7) pens. With transparent & semi-transparent designs, it makes it easier to cut around the design to fit your preference of pen blank style. These are not pre-measured individual pen wraps that leave a seam or do not fit the pe of your choice, this is a 12" long seamless design that you can cut to fit your pen. 

The designs are sized/scaled smaller to fit pens, but can also be used for smaller craft projects, such as ornaments, key chains, acrylic blanks, etc. 

These pen wraps take the designs you already know through our vinyl designs and scale them down smaller after meticulous measuring and editing of the design and testing to ensure these will work well for you. 

On top of all of this, after using fellow pen creators to test the product - it was found that 7 is the minimum number of pens ONE sheet can make. Typically pen wraps can individually retail between 75 cents and $1.50. If at a minimum you can make 7 pens with our $3 wrap, that brings your product cost down to 43 cents. We are crafters in the business of supporting crafters and one of our biggest goals is to make sure that we have fair profit margins so that you can have better profit margins for your beautifully hand-crafted products. 

This product is made with a durable UV ink that can withstand chemicals and liquids for short periods of times. This product can withstand a small amount of solvent contact, but it is not recommended to soak or submerge these products in any type of liquid or solvent. They are created with high quality materials and can be used with both EPOXY and CRYSTALAC products. You do not need transfer paper to apply, but that is up to you and your preference.

Wraps are created with REMOVABLE TRANSPARENT adhesive vinyl. These are not made with a “permanent” adhesive. It is recommended that these are sealed. It is not recommended to place the decals in a place where you cannot seal it as the life span of the wrap may not last long.

TYPE: Pen wraps are either semi-transparent or transparent. 
Semi-Transparent: These are vinyl sheets that have transparency and opacity throughout the sheet. The opaque parts of designs will have a base layer of white ink to allow for your design to pop through with color as well as the transparency to allow for more creative freedom under the vinyl. Typically, any designs with more than a black color will be semi-transparent.
Transparent: These vinyl sheets are completely transparent, with absolutely no base layer of white ink. These are completely see-through. These are like using waterslides without the hassle. Typically, transparent designs with the pen-wrap rolls are designs that are all black with no other color. 

DESIGN LICENSING: BAMF Custom Creations, LLC is keeping up to date on all copyright and trademark laws to ensure that no design is infringing on anyone’s property or trademarks. Designs have been purchased through appropriate channels and additional licensing has been purchased in order to meet any and all requirements to sell these products to you. Because our printed products are not "final products" many designers require a "Commerical" and/or "Transfer" license so that their digital designs can be sold as a material for you to be able to use on personal & commercial products.  I do my best to ensure that all items sold are managed, monitored, and ensured that any thresholds are met. As a purchaser of these designers, you have the ability to sell finished products with these designs on them. You are NOT allowed to resell the designs/vinyl sheets/stickercals/etc. without written permission. Regardless of all of this, BAMF Custom Creations, LLC is not responsible for the customer’s knowledge of copyright and trademark laws. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that any and all legal aspects of the products you are purchasing and selling are being followed.

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