Custom Printed Vinyl | [TAT 7-14 BUSINESS DAYS]
Custom Printed Vinyl | [TAT 7-14 BUSINESS DAYS]
Custom Printed Vinyl | [TAT 7-14 BUSINESS DAYS]
Custom Printed Vinyl | [TAT 7-14 BUSINESS DAYS]

Custom Printed Vinyl | [TAT 7-14 BUSINESS DAYS]

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  • 300 DPI PNG FILE (Transparent Background File)
  • We reserve the right to charge an additional fee for any file editing that needs to be completed in order for images to be printed
  • We reserve the right to whether or not we will print an image. If we receive a submission for a custom printed file that we do not feel comfortable printing due to any standards we have set for ourselves as a business, we will reach out to you via email to discuss printing a different image or refunding your order.
  • We will not print trademarked images to keep our business and yours protected.
  • We have licensing for a multitude of design businesses. You can find the list of licenses here. This means that we are allowed to print and sell these designs as transfers.

BAMF Custom Creations, LLC is keeping up to date on all copyright and trademark laws to ensure that no design is infringing on anyone’s property or trademarks. Designs have been purchased through appropriate channels and additional licensing has been purchased in order to meet any and all requirements to sell these products to you. Because our printed products are not "final products" many designers require a "Commerical" and/or "Transfer" license so that their digital designs can be sold as a material for you to be able to use on personalcommercialproducts.  I do my best to ensure that all items sold are managed, monitored, and ensured that any thresholds are met. As a purchaser of these designers, you have the ability to sell finished products with these designs on them. You are NOT allowed to resell these designs/vinyl sheets/stickercals/etc. without written permission. Regardless of all of this, BAMF Custom Creations, LLC is not responsible for the customer’s knowledge of copyright and trademark laws. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that any and all legal aspects of the products you are purchasing and selling are being followed.

  • We print files AS IS! The only exception to this is if we need to make minor edits to ensure there is a white ink layer appropriately positioned.
  • We are NOT responsible for files that contain low resolution images, images that exceed the selected dimensions or incorrect sized images.
  • We do not send any proofs as screen resolution and printing will still have different outcomes.
  • Colors on your screen may vary from the final product.
  • We print in a CMYK color profile. Images designed with a RGB color profile will be converted over to a CYMK profile for the best outcome.
  • We are not responsible for any grammatical errors. Please ensure your files have the correct spelling prior to submitting them.
  • TAT for custom print to order products are 7-14 business days. Business days do not include the holidays or weekends. TAT starts the business day following the day of your order.
  • If you have regular products and custom products in your order, the TAT will be the greater of the two.
  • Custom printed products that are larger than 12" x 12" will not be shipped flat, instead they will be rolled carefully and shipped that way.

This listing is for custom printed pattern vinyl.

The MOQ is already figured into the pricing. If you order 12"x12" you will receive 4 of those design. You can also upload 4 separate designs to be printed, but they must be either opaque or transparent/semi. If you order 12"x24" you can upload 1 design and receive 2 copies or 2 designs and you will receive one of each. 

Seamless Designs:
If you are wanting a seamless design that is 12"x24" or 12"x48" but do not know how to connect the seamless the design, just upload it as a 12x12 file. If a design cannot be put together as seamless for any reason, we will reach out via email. 

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