Custom BAMF Tumbler Decals | MOQ: 50

Custom BAMF Tumbler Decals | MOQ: 50

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Want a custom BAMF Tumbler Decal for your tumblers? We are now offering the opportunity to purchase custom decals at semi-discounted rates that meet minimum order quantities.

This listing has rates for pending size of decals for quantities of 50

The size below that you select is the size of the longest part you want your design to be, whether length or width, which will determine the price of your decals.

The file you will need to either upload (or email to with your order number) will preferably need to be an SVG, but PNGs are accepted or any type of high vector graphic file. If there are translucent parts of your design (like watercolor, etc.) where it is somewhat transparent, they will not be able to be made. Due to the white ink backing, anything that has a transparent look to it will no longer be transparent. Your decal will be as clean and crisp as the file you send so please be sure to include a file that is of high quality. Please try and submit files with the images you’re wanting on a transparent background.

The adhesive uses a permanent adhesive. The decals are durable and waterproof. Decals can be offered as full color designs. At this time, decals cannot be made with metallic inks or foil to create a metallic look.

Decals are made with a white ink backing to ensure bright and vibrant designs. The white ink is not perfectly opaque, but is pretty dang close.

If you are needing quantities different than the quantities offered (10, 50, 100), please send an email to with the number of decals you are wanting (no less than 10) and the size of the decals. I will send you a quote within 1-2 business days.

If you are unsure if your file will work, send an email with the file and the dimensions you are wanting to and you will receive a response in 1-2 business days with whether the file will work or not.

I will not accept any copyrighted images to include Disney, White Claw, Harley Davidson, etc. If you submit a file with well-known copyrighted items, I will refund and cancel your order.

I am not responsible for knowing the licensing standards of the designs you submit. If you purchased a design and submitted it as a file to me, you have my guarantee that I will not share or distribute that design or resell it in anyway. But it is also your responsibility to know the policies and licensing information in regards to the design/file/image you are submitting.

It is recommended to have a layer of cured epoxy on your tumbler prior to application. Be sure the area you are applying the decal to is clean and smooth. Do not sand right before you add the decal as the sanding marks may show. Using your finger, make sure all of the air bubbles are out and the decal is completely stuck to the tumbler, rubbing from the center of the decal out. Ensure there are no fold or crinkles as this may show after epoxy. 

The clear outline of the decal may show depending on the style and color of the cup being placed on, but is typically blended in with the cup after a layer of epoxy is applied on top. At times, after epoxy, the clear outline may still faintly be visible, and again, this will depend on the design/color of the cup. Typically, on lighter color and glitter tumblers the outline is rarely noticeable, but may show faintly on dark solids color tumblers.

Decals are not as flexible as waterslide and may crease or wrinkle on curved cups.

Measurements of cups for reference when deciding what size decal you need (based off of tumblers from the Stainless Steel Depot):

35 Skinny Tumblers are approximately 10.5” in height

30 oz Skinny Tumblers are approximately 9.5” in height

20 oz Skinny Tumblers are approximately 8” in height

15 oz Skinny Tumblers are approximately 6” in height

24 oz Straight Tumblers are approximately 7.75” in height

12 oz Straight Tumblers are recommended to have decals no taller than 3.25”

20 oz Modern Curve Tumblers are recommended to have decals no taller than 2.5” at the top and 1.75” from the bottom

30 oz Modern Curve Tumblers are recommended to have decals no taller than 3” from the top and 2” from the bottom

15 oz Stemless Wine Tumblers are recommended to have decals no taller than 3”

Coldee Koozies for Cans & Bottles are recommended to have decals no taller than 2.75”