Monthly BAMF Sub Box FAQ

What is a BAMF Monthly Sub Box?
BAMF Monthly Sub Box is an automatic charging subscription that is on a monthly bases. 
How often do you open up spots for new subscribers?
I try to open spots up every month, eventually I plan to have unlimited spots available, but that is not possible at this time. 
When there are openings you can access the listing here, or by searching "monthly" in the search bar. 
What is in a Sub Box?
There are three sizes for these boxes, the Mini Box and the Big Box
The Mini Box will contain:
  • 10 12"x12" Vinyl Sheets 
  • Either 1 12"x12" stickercal sheet or 2 6"x12" stickercal sheets
  • 5 Stickercals
The Big Box will contain:
  • 15 12"x12" Vinyl Sheets
  • Either 1 12"x12" stickercal sheet or 2 6"x12" stickercal sheets
  • 6 Stickercals
The Just Vinyl Box will contain just that, vinyl. You will receive:
  • 15 12"x12" Vinyl Sheets
All of the products within the box will be new designs, and you will get the first look of all of them.
When will I be charged for the subscription box?
Your first charge will be the initial sign up for the subscription. You will be charged that same day when placing your order. After the initial starting order you will be charged the 10th of every month.
Example: If you place your first initial order on February 4th, you will be charged on the 4th with that order and then your next charge will not be until March 10th. 
When do you ship subscription boxes?
Sub boxes ship the SAME month you are charged for it. At this point in time, Subscription boxes will be shipped by the 25th (excluding weekends and holidays). We are hoping that by March/April timeframe, subscriptions will have a faster turnaround time of 3-6 business days after the 10th of each month. 
What happens if I order additional products with my sub box?
If you order additional products with your initial sub box, it will all ship together. I will not be shipping separately. Since regular products have a turnaround time (processing time) of 2-5 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) and Sub boxes are shipped between the 10th and 25th of each month, the default processing time for your order will be that of the longer processing time. If you want your non-subscription products shipped sooner, please order them separately. 
Can I use discount codes with the subscription boxes?
No discount codes are allowed to be used with these subscription boxes, as they are already discounted. If you start your subscription with a discount, it will be cancelled immediately. 
How much do the Subscription boxes cost?
The Mini Box retails for $53 and is sold at a 10% discount, making it $47.50
The Big Box retails for $71.75 and is sold at a 15% discount, making it $60.00
The Just Vinyl Box retails for $48.75 and is available for $42.25 (you basically buy 13 sheets of vinyl and get 2 free)
The prices of the boxes do not include shipping or taxes. 
What happens if my subscription box gets lost, stolen or damaged while in transit?
When placing your intial order, you are recommended to include ROUTE+ shipping insurance in that order. Unfortunately this does not add it to future charges, but if you send us an email at, we are more than happy to update your profile manually to include ROUTE+ shipping insurance on all future subscription orders. 
If you do not have ROUTE+ shipping insurance included in your order, you will be responsible for filing any claims with the shipping carrier. I will assist with providing any information you need to file any claims, but since ROUTE+ shipping is offered for all products, and it is highly recommended, we will not allow for any returns, refunds, replacements, or exchanges if the ROUTE+ shipping insurance is not included. 
Can I cancel or pause my subscription?
Yes of course! You can cancel or pause your subscription through your account profile at any time. There are no minimum orders required for cancellation. 
BUT since this is a recurring MONTHLY payment, if you do not pause or cancel your subscription in time, you will not receive any refunds or returns if you have not reached out to us via email ( within 48 hours of the order being placed. 48 hours after you have been charged you will receive the box for that payment. 
Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription size?
Yes you can! If you are unable to do this on your own in your customer portal, please reach out to us via email ( and we will be happy to upgrade or downgrade your subscription. 
What if my address or payment method changes?
If your shipping/billing address and/or your payment method needs to be changed, you can do this through your customer portal. If you are having any trouble or difficulty making these changes, please reach out to us via email (
How can I access my customer profile to manage my subscription?
There are two ways you can manage your subscription:
1. You can sign into your account with BAMF Custom Creations, and in your account will show "Manage Subscriptions". Here you can access your subscription information and/or make any necessary changes. 
2. Click here, and enter your email attached to your subscription and you will receive a link via email.