Shipping + Turnaround Time

Q: My package hasn’t moved according to the tracking in a few days, is there anything I can do?
It isn’t uncommon for packages to be delayed especially in these rough times. The first thing I suggest doing is to set up text/email alerts with your USPS tracking number. Usually this step alone moves the package along/updates tracking within a day or two. If after 48 hours of setting up alerts your package has still not moved, then please reach out to me via email with your order number and we can start a missing mail search. You can also input for a missing mail search as well using this link.

Q: My tracking said my package was delivered but I don’t see it, what next?
Sometimes USPS and UPS get ahead of themselves and scan your package as delivered when it has not been delivered. The first step is to make sure to check all surrounding areas to make sure you did not miss it, we all do it. If it is still not present - I recommend calling your local post master and asking them for the GPS coordinates of your package when it was delivered. Either they will inform you they still have the package, it was delivered where they state it was delivered or they delivered it to the wrong address. If you feel your package was stolen after speaking with your post office please email me and we will work on a missing/lost package - and you can also begin filing a claim with route if you chose that option at checkout. 

Q: What is your turnaround time (TAT)/processing time?
Turnaround time will always vary depending on what you are purchasing. Typically custom tumblers can take 4-6 weeks. Glitter pens take 10-14 business days. Vinyl stickers 2-3 business days. Tumbler Decals take 2-3 business days. Ready to ship tumblers take 4-5 business days. Custom tumbler decals take 10-14 business days. TAT can change at anytime, especially due to the holidays. Typically TAT will be updated in the announcement section at the top of the page. TAT does not include actual shipping time. Business days do not include weekends or holidays. If you receive a shipping notification, it could take 1-2 business days to update as sometimes I print labels ahead of time. Your order will have a TAT of the item that has the longest TAT. For example if you order a custom tumbler and vinyl stickers, your whole order can take 4-6 weeks. I typically do not ship orders separately.

Q: Can I add on to my order?
 At this time you cannot add on to your order. Add-ons can create confusion, delays and avoidable packaging mistakes, therefore we have decided to not allow add-ons at this time. 

Q: How do I know which shipping option to choose at checkout?
In order to provide a fair shipping price, I listed shipping based on products. You choose the option that applies to the largest item in your order. I am trusting my customers to use the honor system and to choose the shipping option that applies to them.

Q: What do I do if I think my package is lost?
If you added Route+ Shipping Insurance at checkout, you should have received an email confirmation with them when you placed your order. In that confirmation email you will find instructions on how to file a claim with Route+. If you did not add Route+ to your cart, you will want to email me and we will start the steps of filing a claim whether through UPS or USPS, depending on what service your package was sent through.

Q: What is Route+ Insurance and Why Should I Keep It In My Cart?
Route covers lost, stolen and damaged items that fit their listed criteria. Route offers options for refunds or to receive a replacement. When refunding, route covers the subtotal of the order. Shopping costs, taxes and the route premium are not included. When replacing an item, route covers the subtotal of the order, the route premium, shipping costs and taxes. Route is very responsive to claims made (much faster than USPS) and is more likely to accept your claim versus deny the claim, like USPS will likely do. It is highly recommended that you keep Route in your cart if your items require shipping. The premiums are no less than 98 cents, and a bit more depending on the amount of products added to the cart. Route is 100% worth it. I will not refund or replace items lost, stolen or damaged if a claim is denied by USPS. While I do believe the customer should not be punished by fault of the Post Office, I also believe that I should not be penalized either, which is why I offer the Route option and recommend it. To learn more about Route shipping, click here.

Q: How do you ship?
Most of my packages are shipped using USPS. I will send tumblers through UPS at times. During the holiday season, shipping costs may increase as I will ship through UPS for everything. While it is a bit more costly, you are more likely to get your packages in a timely manner. From November 1 through January 15, UPS will be the only shipping service utilized. I have the right to ship your package by any means I feel is the most effective or necessary.

BAMF Stickercals (Tumbler Decals)

Q: What are Tumbler Decals/BAMF Stickercals?
They are clear, pre-designed, sticker decals, that can be applied to tumblers. The designs are printed with a white ink base to allow for the opacity of the image to be more vivid on any color base (to include dark colored base).

Q: Are they waterslides?
Stickercals are not waterslides. Waterslides are a completely different material and require water for application and need to be sealed depending on the type of printer used to print them. They are not as durable as Tumbler Decals and cannot always be used on any color base, depending on whether you use a clear or white waterslide for your design.

Q: Are they clear vinyl?
While they are thick like vinyl, they are not clear vinyl. Clear vinyl is similar to waterslide. While the Stickercals could be made on clear vinyl, they need special toners, white ink, and machinery to ensure the durability and opacity.

Q: How are the Stickercals applied?
You apply stickercals like you would a sticker. You peel off the paper backing off, and apply the decal to your surface. You can cut a piece/corner of the paper backing off to ensure your Stickercal is straight and then peal off the rest of the backing. You can use a squeegee, credit card, or even your finger to ensure it has no bubbles and is laying flat. It is recommended that the decals be applied to a clean, smooth, epoxied surface. Do not sand the area before application as any clear parts of the decal will show the sanding marks.

Q: Will the outline of the Stickercal show?
If you are not applying epoxy to seal it on to your tumbler, than yes, the outline will show. If you are applying epoxy over the Stickercal the clear outline of it may show depending on the style and color of the cup it is being placed on, but is typically blending in with the cup after a layer of epoxy is applied. At times, after epoxy, the clear outline may still faintly be visible, and again this will depend on the design/color of the cup. Typically on lighter color and glitter tumblers, the outline is rarely noticeable, but may show faintly on dark solid color tumblers. Stickercals can be applied to more than just tumblers - just keep in mind their clear outline will be visible.

Q: Can I have custom Stickercals made?
Yes! We are now offering the option for custom decals. There is a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 10 and price will vary on the size of the decal. You can either email the image you would like or upload it in the listing. If a size or quantity is not shown that is needed, please feel free to reach out via email to obtain an estimate. You can find the listing for custom stickercals by clicking here.

Q: Where can I find examples of the Stickercals being applied?
I have a few videos on my tiktok, but for a complete review, you can check out Jessica Flynn's Youtube (Flynn Sisters Boutique) Video Review of BAMF Stickercals by clicking here.

Kelley Norris (Dixie Darlins) also has a tumbler tutorial where she uses a BAMF Stickercal, which you can watch here.

Q: How can I get on your featured page?
Do you have a picture of a product from BAMF Custom Creations that you used? Maybe a vinyl sticker or a Stickercal? You can go to the contact us page and submit your image or send us an email at BAMF_CustomCreations@yahoo.com Please ensure that your image is watermarked, as I want to make sure that on one steals your image and that you are receiving proper credit. Make sure you tag us on all of our socials so we can see what you have created!

Q: How do you make the Stickercals?
At this time, this is proprietary information that I will not be sharing. I am very willing to share a lot of information but when it comes to the Stickercals I have worked very hard on testing and went through several trials and tribulations to make sure the product is quality and is the very best for my customers. Please understand this is not gatekeeping as I am a huge promoter of helping other businesses succeed, but every business owner has the right to keep information private that they have worked very hard obtain. Hours/Days/Weeks of work, thousands of dollars, and learned lessons brought me to where I need to be at my product quality.

Q: Are the Stickercals the same as clear cast decals?
No. Clear cast decals are similar to waterslides to where they are not printed with a white ink backing and can only be used on light colored cups. Stickercals still have vivid opacity on dark colored cups.


Q: Are you making custom tumblers?
At this time, I am not taking orders for custom tumblers. I am not able to devote the time and attention needed for custom tumblers. You deserve your tumbler to be exactly how you want it in a timely fashion, and because I believe I cannot provide that right now, I will not be taking on customs, right now. In the future, I hope to open my custom orders back up again.

Q: What are RTS tumblers?
RTS, or Ready to Ship/Sell tumblers, are tumblers I have created and are ready to be shipped to you. At times I will have options for these tumblers to be customized to be able to add a name or quote. RTS tumblers may need a final coat or two before shipping and will need a full 72 hours of cure time after the final coat before being able to be shipped. RTS tumblers have a TAT of 5-7 business days.

Q: How do I care for my tumbler?
Care instructions will be included with your tumbler when shipped. Tumblers need to be hand-washed. Please do not soak, put in the dishwasher, leave in a hot vehicle or put it in the microwave. I am not responsible for tumblers damaged due to misuse or mishandling on the customer's part.

Q: What are the tumblers made of?
Some inventory of tumblers are made of BPA free, 18/8 kitchen grade stainless steel, vacuum sealed to keep your drink hot or cold in any weather. Some inventory of tumblers are double-wall, vacuum insulated, BPA free. The epoxy used to seal the tumblers provide a crystal-clear glass like finish that enhances and protects the design. The resin is VOC free, highly UV resistant, heat resistant up to 500 degrees, and is FDA Compliant resin (complies with FDA 21 CFR 175.300).

Q: What kind of lid do the tumblers have?
Depending on the tumbler, it could have either a lid that twists in or is pushed into the cup. Some have a flip top lid and some have a sliding lid. The listing should state, or it should be shown in the pictures. If it does not state the type of lid, and you would like to know what it is, please feel free to reach out.

Return Policy

You have 7 days from receiving your product to contact me with any issues or problems. I do not accept returns on custom items. If your item is defective or damaged please reach out immediately to begin filing a claim. I try to be reasonable and provide the best customer service - please understand I am a human being - and mistakes do happen. I do my best to right any wrongs. As a human, please remember to be kind - you catch more flies with honey.

All items have full product descriptions. Returns/exchanges will not be accepted because you did not use the product properly, because it was destroyed or damaged due to your own mistake, etc. If a return is agreed upon between the customer and BAMF Custom Creations, the customer is responsible for all shipping costs.