BAMF Vinyl & Stickercal Sheets

BAMF Vinyl & Stickercal Sheets are a fun way to add a twist to your projects. With new designs monthly these are high quality, full color designs that give you endless possibilities. You can cut these with a cutting machine like a Cricut or Silhouette. 

Stickercal Sheets

Stickercal sheets are basically sticker sheets for your tumblers! They come in either 12x6 or 12x12 sheets with a multitude of designs on the sheet you can use on tumblers (or really anywhere) to customize your tumblers with less work.
Some Stickercals Sheets will have an opaque design and some will have a transparent design.
Opaque designs will have a base layer of white under the design only to allow for the color to pop. Transparent designs will not have a white layer under the design, and will be completely transparent. This will typically be on darker designs.
To use the BAMF Sticker sheets, you will take the designs off with either your hand or with a transfer sheet and apply it to your clean smooth tumbler. If the the Stickercal sheet is opaque you do not have to worry about whether your tumbler has sanding marks – but it is ALWAYS recommended to place any Stickercal on top of a clean smooth tumbler to allow for the best possible application and appearance.
Item descriptions will tell you which type of Stickercal sheet it is. SO be sure to read the description.

BAMF Vinyl

BAMF Vinyl is the latest in technology for vinyl sheets to make customizing and creating amazing tumblers fun and the best part, easy. These sheets will come in 12x12 sheets (give or take a ½ inch margin) to allow for you to be able to wrap tumblers, or even cut designs out using your vinyl cutting machine.
There will be three types of Vinyl sheets. Opaque, Semi-Transparent & Transparent.
Opaque BAMF Vinyl will be a completely non transparent and will have a base layer of white ink under the entire sheet.
Semi-Transparent is one of my favorites. These are designed vinyl sheets that are transparent in some potions and and have a white layer base under the actual design.
Transparent is just that, completely transparent with no base layer of white ink under it at all. These are basically like 12x12 clear waterslide sheets without the hassle.
Application of Vinyl
To apply the vinyl sheets, it’s that same as you would apply any other vinyl, just be sure that if you are using a transparent or semi-transparent vinyl, the base will show through and so you will want to make sure those are also applied to clean, smooth tumblers, preferably not freshly sanded or the sanding marks will show through.
Additional Information
I am keeping up to date on any copyright laws to ensure I am not infringing on any digital designers. I have purchased a license and rights for each design and am keeping up with items sold to ensure thresholds are met. Regardless, I am not responsible for YOUR knowledge of copyright laws and it is your responsibility to ensure you are following any and all legal aspects of your products.
**The product photos are either MOCK-UPS or DIGITAL mock-ups, final cut lines and print colors may vary slightly from your screen to the actual print. Every effort has been made to accurately represent what you'll be receiving!**
The clear outline of the decal may show depending on the style and color of the cup being placed on, but is typically blended in with the cup after a layer of epoxy is applied on top. At times, after epoxy, the clear outline may still faintly be visible, and again, this will depend on the design/color of the cup. Typically on lighter color and glitter tumblers the outline is rarely noticeable, but may show faintly on dark solids color tumblers.