3008 | Fall Floral Pumpkin | Stickercal Sheet
3008 | Fall Floral Pumpkin | Stickercal Sheet

3008 | Fall Floral Pumpkin | Stickercal Sheet

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This is a 6 x 12 Sheet of Stickercals 

There are two options, cut and uncut. Cut means that the sheet is contour and/or square cut like a sticker sheet. Uncut are sheets that need to be cut by hand with scissors. 

Stickercal sheets are basically sticker sheets for your tumblers! They come in either 12x6 or 12x12 sheets with a multitude of designs on the sheet you can use on tumblers (or really anywhere) to customize your tumblers with less work. 

Some Stickercals Sheets will have an opaque design and some will have a transparent design.

Opaque designs will have a base layer of white under the design only to allow for the color to pop. Transparent designs will not have a white layer under the design, and will be completely transparent. This will typically be on darker designs.

To use the BAMF Sticker sheets, you will take the designs off with either your hand or with a transfer sheet and apply it to your clean smooth tumbler. If the the Stickercal sheet is opaque you do not have to worry about whether your tumbler has sanding marks – but it is ALWAYS recommended to place any Stickercal on top of a clean smooth tumbler to allow for the best possible application and appearance. 

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