TRANSPARENT VINYL is completely transparent, with absolutely no base layer of white ink. These are completely see-through. These are like using waterslides without the hassle.

SEMI TRANSPARENT VINYL is vinyl sheets that have transparency and opacity throughout the sheet. The opaque parts of designs will have a base layer of white ink to allow for your design to pop through with color as well as the transparency to allow for more creative freedom under the vinyl.

OPAQUE VINYL is completely opaque and printed on a high quality, durable, removeable white vinyl. There is absolutely no transparency within these.

METALLIC & SPECIALTY VINYL is just that, adhesive metallic and/or opal vinyl sheets. This vinyl is manufactured from eco-friendly, 100% phthalate-free PVC in the U.S.A. This vinyl is durable and designed for long-lasting applications. Without a sealant, and with applying to a clean, dust free, smooth surface, these products have approximately 2-3 year durability. This durability is estimated and also based on environmental factors to include the care of the product, outdoor vs indoor, etc. Exceptionally harsh UV, weather, & environmental factors can shorten its lifespan. 

PATTERN METALLIC/SPECIALTY VINYL is completely opaque metalllic vinyl with printed pattern designs on top. The metallic portion is NOT printed, this is an actual metallic vinyl with the printed image on top. The specialty versions will come in either a transparent or opaque opal vinyl with a design printed on top.

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