Vinyl Stickers - Buying in Bulk & Reselling

So if you haven’t already - go ahead and check out my YouTube video where I not only unbox 2 1000 bulk mystery packs from the Cooke Co, but I also show you how I store them, photograph them & edit the photos. 

Let’s talk about The Cooke Co and their vinyl stickers first. Hands down, the best quality out there at one of the BEST prices, even for custom stickers. These are glossy, high quality adhesive vinyl stickers. Made with love and care from the amazing people at the Cooke Co. If you’re buying pre-designed vinyl stickers, like in their mystery bulk pack, you’re getting amazing designs from SMALL BUSINESS digital designers! So not only are you supporting a small business in buying vinyl stickers, you are helping them support another small business. 

Now, I have been ordering from Natosha at the Cooke Co for awhile, before they began selling vinyls. I may be biased because I truly love everything about them, so I decided to do a little experiment. I ordered sample packs from several big name vinyl companies and by far The Cooke Co has the best quality glossy vinyl AND some of the best prices. 

Let’s chat about their pricing. 

For 500 mystery bulk vinyls, including Route shipping insurance, and the 10% off using code BAMF it comes to a total of $113.72. That comes to TWENTY THREE CENTS PER STICKER. So even if you are wanting to get some in bulk to use as freebies in your packages that is cost effective, this is the way to go. 1. Customers love little USEFUL freebies (most of the time, there are those few exceptions), 2. You don’t have to cut into your profit per order but 23 cents. 

For 1000 mystery bulk vinyls, including Route shipping and the 10% off (and not including shipping because did I mention, they have FREE SHIPPING), that comes to a total of $200.12 which then in turn comes to 20 cents per sticker. 

Quality vinyl stickers retail for anywhere from $2.50 to $5. Imagine that, you could take these bulk vinyl stickers and turn around and sell them in your shop. These are little extras that could help your customers reach a free shipping minimum, something extra to add on that they might admire. It doesn’t have to be your entire shop, but even just a little something extra you can offer. 

Now to talk about storage. How the heck do you store 2000 vinyl stickers!?

Well I got one of these bad boys from michaels, which perfectly fit these cute little cups for drawer organization

You can also use these cool tip out bins from ULINE, which is what I use to store my BAMF Stickercals. 

There is also ways to hang them as a display using any of these options if you have a physical shop or you would prefer to display them in your office/craft room for easy access. 
- Spinning Clear Desktop Display 
- Business Card Table Top Display

As for editing, these are the supplies I used to make my own backdrop displays:

Contact paper: Marble, Wood, Floral, Leopard, etc
Ring Light

I then used my iPhone to snap photos. Once I was done taking pictures I used the Lightroom App, and these AMAZING presets from Holli Mostella to edit the pictures. Now keep in mind when editing any type of product photos, the idea is to make it look more “professional”, clean and appealing. Do your best to make sure the colors and image represent the actual product not varying too much. Although I would add a small disclaimer in your listing that colors and images may vary based on viewing device and may slightly differ in person, this way you are covered. 

Once I edit all the photos I add them to my watermark app with a watermark that Kayley at Sweet Baby Blue Designs made for me with my business name. You can use code BAMF10 to save $$ at SBBD. 

If you want to make your own watermark you can totally do that in Canva, which I slightly showed in the tutorial. 

After that it is good to go and ready to post for selling!


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