Restock & Office Updates

Hi All! This is not my typical blog post, but I have been receiving an overwhelming amount of emails about restocks and such so I thought it would be easier to address this in a blog post to direct people to. 
In August 2021, we began the process of finishing the loft space in our garage to be my new office. We knew this would take a lot of time and a lot of money to do, even though most of the work we have been doing ourselves. Between the holidays, time off work, material cost increases, I can't say it has been an easy road.  
In December of 2021, I started the process for purchasing the machine needed to begin printing inhouse. This is a huge deal as it is going to streamline products must faster, and allow for us to grow so much more. This machine is extremely expensive and very large (almost 10 feet wide!), but in the long run will be totally worth it. 
The machine (unexpectedly) arrived early January (with stock issues, we, and by we I mean myself, my boyfriend Seth and my machine retailer did not believe it would be here physically until the end of January 2022), but here we are. In order to operate this machine, I need to be trained by professionals. This isn't a "read the manual and figure it out" type thing, it is a sit with a professional for 3 days to know the ins and outs of this machine and make sure it is set up properly. This training is not scheduled until the first Monday in February 2022.
Once the training has been completed, my first order of business will be to begin restocking everything out of stock currently. These restocks may not be available until mid to late February. While I know many of you have been waiting months for restock, financially I could not restock by doing my usual outsource AND keep up with subscription boxes as well as put forth the money for construction and finishing the new workspace. We had to make other things a priority, unfortunately, but we knew this would only be for a short time. 
What does in house printing mean for BAMF Custom Creations? This will bring constant stock to all vinyl, stickercal sheets and stickercals. This will make the processing time for subscription boxes faster and allow for more people to sign up monthly instead of having limited spots. This will allow for new designs to be posted, and at more frequent times. This will allow for a lower product cost for myself which will allow for me to do more sales and bundles and other fun stuff. This will also allow for me to take on customs as time allows it. 
So as of right now, January 28th 2022, I expect to start restocking products at the end of February 2022. Your patience, support & understanding are appreciated more than you even know during this time. Without your support and patronage we would not be able to do this for you and the crafting community have a notebook full of ideas I am ready to show you all - I have specialty vinyl in the books, customs, and so much more for you all and I cannot wait to bring this all to the table. 
To stay up to date on all things new, I recommend following us on Instagram, signing up for email alerts as well as text alerts. This is how you will find out the most up to date and current information on what is going on over here at BAMF Custom Creations. 
xoxo, Sarah


  • Tarolee

    I would like to be added in the big sub box. But can not find where it’s at or if it’s available.

  • Sheila Smith

    Sarah, Best of Luck to You in All You Do!!! Just read your journey and damn girl, I’m tired for ya! But you gotta keep on keepin on!!! As you know!!! So proud of what you’ve done with A Dream!!! Such an Inspiration!!! Hopefully women out there tell your story to the lil ladies in their lives! If you can Dream it, you can make it happen!!!

  • Rosetta Jenkins

    Sarah, my love, I can wait. I may be overcomed by anxiousness. But I will survive the wait. With love, Rosetta

  • Jackie Johnson

    Is there a wait list for monthly subscription boxes

  • Carla Garcia

    Love LOVE Love….. excited to see the new merchandise.

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