Products I Use, Love & Recommend for Other Makers

Here you will find a list of other shops who make running my business way easier. Some shops will also include a discount code for you to use!


Counter Culture DIY is your one stop shop for all things epoxy. They have molds, several kinds of epoxy, micas, glitters, epoxy colorants, and more! I highly recommend their products as it is the only epoxy I will use.

Shop their products here:

To find out what products I use and love by them, click here:


There are many glitter shops out there but these are the ones I recommend the most. When choosing a glitter shop you'll want to ensure it fits your budget and that you are using high quality polyester glitter. Plastic craft glitter, in my opinion, is not a quality material.

Backfist Customs Glitter is an amazing glitter company that has fantastic customer service. BFC has all kinds of supplies and materials including a wide variety of quality molds that Bruce makes a lot of them in house. BFC also has some of the highest quality glitter out there. BFC is also all about making sure his customers has what they need to succeed, constantly making sure he stands out above the rest by wanting YOUR company to succeed!

Shop their products here:
Use code BAMF15 for 15% off your order.

Byrdsnest Design is a onestop shop for molds, glitter and SHAKERS! 90% of my shakers are from Byrdsnest, they are reasonably priced and great quality. Byrdsnest is constantly adding more options for glitter, which is beautiful and high quality!

Shop their products here:
Use code BAMF for 10% off your order

Peachy Olive Glitter is your place for high quality glitter that come in different cuts and colors. I use POG very frequently and believe they are a great company with many different glitter options.

Shop their products here:

My Glitter Addiction is what started it all. Their prices are extremely reasonable and they have a large variety of glitter options.

Shop their products here:

Screen Print Transfers & Sublimation

Sublimation transfer prints are for White or Light Color Garments and textiles with 50% or higher polyester count (example: 50/50 blend material or higher). The sublimation ink actually binds with the polyester material to "become one" with it and does not lay on top like other typical transfers. This means longer color vibrancy and life span.

Screen printed transfers are simply ink printed on a release paper for easy application. All you need is a heat press to decorate apparel and accessories. Using screen printed transfers gives you versatility, because you can apply them to a variety of fabrics.

For both sublimation and screen prints, it is recommended that you have a full heat press (you cannot use an iron or cricut easy press as you need to ensure pressure and consistent heat).

Lookin' Sharp Subs is your one stop shop for digital designs, sublimation transfers and screen print transfers.

Shop their products here:
Use code BAMFCC for 10% off your order!

Other shops I’ve used and recommend for screen prints are:

The Loft Design Co:

Live with Jordan:

Dapper Designs:

Anything You Can Screen:

Digital Designs

I honestly search Etsy for a lot of SVGs or PNGs that I like. I’ve been slowly trying to make my own (which you can check out my few selections here: but I’m no professional designer, so here are a few I recommend:

Sweet Baby Blue Boutique & Designs has such an amazing selection of digital downloads. I purchase designs from her so frequently - she’s amazing. 

Shop their products here:

Lookin Sharp Subs, as mentioned above (with a discount code) also has some amazing digitals!!

Ollie & Maiz is your one stop shop for branding and logos!! It’s where I got my logo made and I’m obsessed with so many logos she’s made. She has very reasonable prices for such a great product

shop their logo/branding products here:


The Crafters Supply Co is a great shop for sublimation blanks, cold cups, acrylic cups, ornaments and other things you can personalize for your shop!

Shop their products here:

Griffin Blanks has tons of molds as well as acrylic blanks (and stainless steel tumblers). I’ve only used their molds and acrylic blanks which have been awesome for small projects or mystery box adding 

Shop their products here:

The Stainless Steel Depot is where I get all of my stainless steel tumblers. They have such a wide variety of cups, great prices and quick shipping!

Shop their products here:


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