Price Breakdown of the Create by Firefly Subscription boxes & The Three Projects I Made with Them

If you haven’t seen it yet, go check out my video where I unbox the latest middle ground subscription box from Create By Firefly and create three fun projects with some of the products!

First a quick review: These boxes are by far amazing. Not only are you getting a big bang for your buck but you get all of these items in relation to a color story so that way you can create so many different ready to ship tumblers, or really any other resin projects! Subscription boxes like these are great for beginners who are slowly building up their supply and collection. I definitely recommend trying out Create by Firefly.

Create by Firefly’s next box will have a color story of Black, Pearly Dove Grey (NOT silver) and an Opal Type. So this means all of the vinyl, decals and glitters will be centered around this color story creating SO MANY ways for you to get creative and create great products. Read more about what’s included in each box:

Mega Box
Middle Ground
Mini Must Have
Colors That Stick

Here is the break down for each of these projects as well as a supply list and suggested selling price.

All of these prices are based off of the supply list below:

20 oz Skinny Tumbler from (use code BAMF10 for 10% off)
Glitter & Vinyl are from the middle ground size and colors that stick subscription boxes from Create By Firefly.
Electrical tape:
Medicine Cups:
Popsicle Sticks:
Nitrile Powder Free Gloves:
My favorite gloves:
Precut wax sheets:
Regular Acrylic Paint:
Metallic Acrylic Paint:
Dixie Cups:
Paint brushes:
Baby wipes:
91% alcohol:
Push top liquid dispenser:
Cotton rounds:
Painters tape:
Gold Vinyl:
10x4x4 Corrugated Mailers (TheBoxery - shipping can be expensive and can make the boxes approximately $1.30 each):
10x4x4 corrugated mailers from amazon:
Black & color tissue paper:
White tissue paper:
White crinkle paper:
Kraft crinkle paper:
Color crinkle paper:
Bubble Wrap:
Regular packing tape(clear):
Leopard packing tape (package mint):
Boho Rainbow packing tape (package mint):
Thermal 4x6 shipping labels:
Rollo thermal printer:
Metallic leaf sheets (3 colors):
Dawn power wash:
Multi-Sized Double Sided Tape:
Barkeepers Friend Soft Cleanser Liquid for Matte Tumblers:
Steel Wool #0000:

First let’s break down the box prices:

Middle Ground Box Price: Sells for $67.75 but all of the items retail for a total of $128.
The middle ground glitter box comes with two scoops in a bag of glitter. This is approximately 2.25 oz but varies with the chunky and fine. The variety of glitter usually included is a dot mix, a shatter, three fines, four chunky’s and three mini cut chunks.

Cost of glitter in this box if purchasing as the subscription:
Dot (1) - $6.62
Shatter (1) - $5.03
Fine (3) - $5.03
Chunky (4) - $6.06
Mini-Cut (3) - $5.56

Colors that Stick Box Price: Standalone it is $50, if purchased with a subscription it is $45. The items in this box retails for approximately $79. Colors that stick will typically include two “universal decal sheets” that are 12x12. In the box that is in the video, it included 9 large decals, 5 mini decals and 4 medium sized decals as well as 1 20 oz tumbler wrap. It also included 4 pattern vinyl that are nothing like you have seen before! You also receive sixteen 12x12 sheets of vinyl to include opals, solids, metallics, glitter, holographic, etc. Typically, the vinyl will coordinate with the color story of the three colors as well as a “neutral” color that compliments the color story colors well, like gold, silver, rose gold, white, black or grey.

Cost of vinyl in this box if purchasing the $50 standalone:
Pattern Vinyl (4: Plaid, TieDye, Floral & xx): $1.75 each
Decal Sheet 1: 9 Large Universal Decals - $0.53 each decal
Decal Sheet 2: 4 Medium Universal Decals - $0.24 each decal
                        5 Small Universal Decals - $0.12 each decal
                        Tumbler Wrap - $3.15
Holos/Metallics (Pink Holo Plaid, Pink Chrome, Ultra Metallic, Chrome, Shattered Holo, Sequin Holo) - $1.75 each
Solids (Bubblegum, Breakfast Blue) - $1.25 each
Glitter Adhesive (Bubblegum, Coolwater, Breakfast Blue, Silver) - $2.50 each
Opals/Patinas (Twilight Opal, Violet Transparent Patina, Sky Blue Transparent Patina & Teal Transparent Opal) - $2.50 each.

I got the glitter and vinyl prices by totaling up the total RETAIL value of the box, dividing each individual price by the total, using that percentage for each to multiple it against the selling price of the box.

Packaging price for both tumblers I went with the average packaging costs taking into consideration the following:
10x4x4 box from amazon $0.66
3 Sheets of tissue paper $0.09
Crinkle Cut Paper $0.17
Bubble Wrap $0.26
Leopard Packing Tape $0.12
Rollo Shipping Label $0.04
Cooke Co Stickers $0.63 (without the $ discount using BAMF at checkout)
Freebie Vinyl Sticker $0.19
Thank You Post Card $0.15
Care Card $0.06
Totaling: $2.37

Project 1 Material Cost (20 oz Wrap)
Tumbler: $7.19
Spray Paint: $0.04
60 mL total CCDIY Fast Set: $3.15 (including materials used to mix epoxy)
Actual Wrap: $3.15
Cleaning: $0.19
Packaging Cost: $2.37

Supply (Material Cost) Total $16.09
ACTIVE* Working Hours = 1 hour
(Active - what I mean by active, is active work on the cup. I do not include cure or dry time, but I do include active work on the cup, as well as packaging the cup, photography, listing, etc.)
Hourly Wage $12/hour. 

Typical hand-crafted items, people charge $10-$20 an hour. The reason why I chose $12 is because I have been making cups for 2 years, so I added a $ to the $10 minimum for each year of experience I have. This is completely up to you how you charge it - this is just the hourly wage I felt fit right. 

Now the formula I use is one that was posted/created by the University of Michigan. This formula I found to be well more accurate in calculating an approximate price to charge for had crafted items to not only include the labor but the materials.

The formula goes as follows:

Price A = Material Cost + (Hourly Wage x Time)
Price B = Material Cost x 3
Price C = (Price A + Price B)/2

This is what I got for this cup:
Price A = $16.09 + ($12 x 1) = $28.09
Price B = $16.09 x 3 = $48.27
Price C = ($28.09 + $48.27) / 2 = $38.18

So by this formula, and not accounting for other factors, it is recommending I charge approximately $35-$40 for this tumbler. The variables to include in this are fees directly effecting your pricing (etsy, transaction fees, listing fees, etc) as well as your area and similar

Project 2 Material Cost (20 oz Tangram)
Tumbler: $7.19
Spray Paint: $0.03
Oracle 631 White Vinyl: $0.62
Transfer Tape: $1.09
117 mL total CCDIY Fast Set: $4.68
Epoxy Mixing Materials (gloves,cups, etc): $1.50
Pattern Vinyl: $0.55 (I cut $1.09 worth, but used about half, meaning I could use the other half on another project)
1 Paint Brush: $0.14
Wax Sheets: $0.04
Pink Vinyl: $0.39 (I cut $0.78 worth, but used about half, meaning I could use the other half on another project)
Opal Vinyl: $0.83
Glitter: $0.64
Cleaning: $0.19
Packaging Cost: $2.37

Supply (Material Cost) Total $20.07
Active Working Hours = 3.25 hours
Hourly Wage: $12/hr

Price A = $20.07 + ($12 x 3.25) = $67.09
Price B = $20.07 x 3 = $60.21
Price C = ($67.09+ $60.21) / 2 = $63.65

So by this formula, and not accounting for other factors, it is recommending I charge approximately $60-$65 for this tumbler.

Project 3 Material Cost (Makeup Brushes)
Brush Set: $6.29
Mixing Materials (sticks, cups, etc.): $0.06
Hot Glue: $0.07
Glitter: $0.19
Cleaning: $0.19
Glycerin: $0.32

Supply (Material Cost) Total $7.12
Active Working Hours = 45 Minutes Total
Hourly Wage: $12/hr

Price A = $7.12 + ($12 x 0.75) = $16.12
Price B = $7.12 x 3 = $21.36

Price C = ($16.12 + $21.36) / 2 = $18.74

So by this formula, and not accounting for other factors, it is recommending I charge approximately $15-$20 for this glitter makeup brush set. 

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