Distressed Peekaboo Watermelon Tumbler | Freebie Download & Supply List

If you haven’t checked it out yet, I have a tutorial on how I created this tumbler on my YouTube!

Supply List & Cost:
20 oz Standard Tumbler from Griffin Blanks (including the use of BAMF10 for 10% off) is $7.19

Using CCDIY Ultra Clear Fast Set Epoxy & Sanding/Cleaning in between layers

Layer 1: 2.5 mL Fast Set
Layer 2: 30 mL Fast Set
Sand & Clean with 91% Alcohol (2mL @ 2 cents + 2 cotton rounds at 3 cents each) 8 cents
Layer 3: 20 mL FS
Sand & Clean with 91% Alcohol (2mL @ 2 cents + 2 cotton rounds at 3 cents each) 8 cents
Layer 4: 20 mL FS
Sand & Clean with 91% Alcohol (2mL @ 2 cents + 2 cotton rounds at 3 cents each) 8 cents
Layer 5: 20 mL FS
Layer 6: 20 mL FS
Layer 7: 20 mL FS
Sand & Clean with 91% Alcohol (2mL @ 2 cents + 2 cotton rounds at 3 cents each) 8 cents
Lay 8 (final layer) 20 mL Artist Resin

132mL Total of CCDIY Ultra Clear Fast Set Epoxy at 4 cents a mL = $5.28
20mL Total of CCDIY Artist Resin at 3 cents a mL = 60 cents

8mL of 91% alcohol at 1 cent a mL = 8 cents
Cotton rounds total to use with alcohol at 3 cents a piece = 24 cents

Sanding Totals for 8 times = 32 cents

Epoxy Materials for Mixing each layer totals $2.48

Gloves at 24 cents each = $1.92
medicine cups at 3 cents each = 24 cents
Popsicle Sticks at 3 cents each = 24 cents
240 Seconds of Propane at 1 cent per 30 seconds = 8 cents

Glitter Application Total $0.99

This tumbler has an approximate surface area of 80.61 in. If 1 lb of quality polyester glitter can cover 1 sq foot, then it takes approximately 5 grams to cover a tumbler with glitter. 

Peachy Olive Glitter has an average cost of 19 cents per gram, making the total glitter cost for this tumbler 95 cents. Plus the cost of the wax paper, being 4 cents (they are 2 cents each). 

Alcohol Ink Design $5.34
Alcohol ink averages at 25 cents a mL and with approximately 15 mL used, it costs approximately $3.75
Used approximately 40mL of 91% alcohol = 40 cents
Used approximately 30 q-tips = 24 cents
1” chip brush x 2 = 72 cents
small brush x 1 = 23 cents

Vinyl Total $4.13
3x12 TeckWrap Space Grey Chrome = 42 cents
2x2, 5x3 & 4.5x4.5 of Cricut Transfer tape = $2.63
3x4.5 & 4.5x4.5 Oracal 631 White = 16 cents
2.5x4 Flourescent Green = 23 cents
2.5x4.5 Flourescent Pink = 25 cents

Cleaning Your Tumbler totals 22 cents

5 mL at 1 cent/mL of 91% Alcohol = 5 cents
5 mL at 1 cent/mL of Acetone = 5 cents
4 Cotton Rounds at 3 cents a piece = 12 cents

Packaging Your Tumbler totals $2.37

3 pcs of tissue paper at 3 cents a piece = 9 cents
2 pcs of bubble wrap at 13 cents a piece = 26 cents
1 care card from Vista Print at 6 cents a piece
1 thank you Post Card from Vista Print at 11 cents a piece
1 Freebie Vinyl from the Cooke Co at 19 cents a piece (use code BAMF to save $$)
6 Packaging stickers totaling 84 cents from the CookeCo
1 Rollo Shipping Label at 3 cents a piece
1 Packing Slip + Ink totaling 6 cents
1 10x4x4 Box from Amazon at 66 cents each
Approximately 16 inches of tape from Package Mint at .004 cents an inch totaling 7 cents

Your total materials cost comes to: $28.92
My total time spent on this tumbler was approximately 2.5 hours at $12 an hour comes to labor being: $30

Suggested Retail Price:
[(Material Cost x4) + (Hourly Wage + Time)]/2
[($28.92 x 4) + ($12 x 2.5)]/2
[$115.68 + $30]/2
= $72.84

Pricing depends on YOU. $72 may be high in your area, but remember, if you are selling online you are not just limited to your physical area, you have the whole WORLD! Just make sure you are charging for your TIME and WORTH! I recommend staying consistent and stern though. 

I hope all of this information was useful to you! Comment below and let me know what you think, or if you have any questions!


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  • Vonelle Vanzant
    I’d be interested in your reasoning for determining the total cost in the project. It seems to me as if you’ve marked the materials cost up 400%, only to reduce it to 200% once you divide by 2. Also, on the labor, aren’t you taking a total of $30 in labor and only including $15 of it in to total once you divide it by 2? I’m of the mind that just marking it up 200% and charging 100% for labor might be a better approach even though the total is higher. Once could then discount from there, say, 150% for material cost + $30 for labor. This calculation is very close to your total, yet, gives the owner a clearer idea of where costs are being made. Labor is usually out-of-pocket where the percent markup can fluctuate. The owner then knows where the discounts are being taken.

    Just some thoughts. I did purchase the Excel spreadsheet. Will I be able to change the formulas once I download it, or are they locked? If locked, I may ask you to unlock them for me. I’m on my iPad right now, not the pc and do not have Excel on the iPad making it difficult to check now.

    Thank you!

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