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BAMF Vinyl, Stickercals, Stickercal Sheets

Yes. When I purchase the designs to create these products, I also purchase the license with it. This is a commcerical license that allows for me to sell these discounts to you, for you to create a finished product. 

I am keeping up to date on any copyright laws to ensure I am not infringing on any digital designers. I have purchased a license and rights for each design and am keeping up with items sold to ensure thresholds are met. Regardless, I am not responsible for YOUR knowledge of copyright laws and it is your responsibility to ensure you are following any and all legal aspects of your products. 

Yes and no! We are now offering the option for custom Stickercals. There is a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 10 and price will vary on the size of the decal. You can either email the image you would like or upload it in the listing. If a size or quantity is not shown that is needed, please feel free to reach out via email to obtain an estimate. You can find the listing for custom stickercals by clicking here. These will be the original version of the Stickercals until further notice. Custom Stickercals have a longer turnaround and processing time then other items.  

We are not offering custom Stickercal Sheets or Vinyl sheets at this time. We hope to offer them in the future, but at this time we do not offer these products as customs. 

You apply stickercals like you would a sticker. You peel off the paper backing off, and apply the decal to your surface. You can cut a piece/corner of the paper backing off to ensure your Stickercal is straight and then peal off the rest of the backing. You can use a squeegee, credit card, or even your finger to ensure it has no bubbles and is laying flat. It is recommended that the decals be applied to a clean, smooth, epoxied surface. Do not sand the area before application as any clear parts of the decal will show the sanding marks. 

To apply the vinyl sheets, it’s that same as you would apply any other vinyl, just be sure that if you are using a transparent or semi-transparent vinyl, the base will show through and so you will want to make sure those are also applied to clean, smooth tumblers, preferably not freshly sanded or the sanding marks will show through. 

At this time, this is proprietary information that I will not be sharing. I am very willing to share a lot of information but when it comes to the Stickercals I have worked very hard on testing and went through several trials and tribulations to make sure the product is quality and is the very best for my customers. Please understand this is not gatekeeping as I am a huge promoter of helping other businesses succeed, but every business owner has the right to keep information private that they have worked very hard obtain. Hours/Days/Weeks of work, thousands of dollars, and learned lessons brought me to where I need to be at my product quality. 

 If you added Route+ Shipping Insurance at checkout, you should have received an email confirmation with them when you placed your order. In that confirmation email you will find instructions on how to file a claim with Route+. If you did not add Route+ to your cart, you will want to email me and we will start the steps of filing a claim whether through UPS or USPS, depending on what service your package was sent through. 

BAMF Vinyl is the latest in technology for vinyl sheets to make customizing and creating amazing tumblers fun and the best part, easy. These sheets will come in 12x12 sheets (give or take a ½ inch margin) to allow for you to be able to wrap tumblers, or even cut designs out using your vinyl cutting machine.

There will be three types of Vinyl sheets. Opaque, Semi-Transparent & Transparent.

Opaque BAMF Vinyl will be a completely non transparent and will have a base layer of white ink under the entire sheet.

Semi-Transparent is one of my favorites. These are designed vinyl sheets that are transparent in some potions and and have a white layer base under the actual design.

Transparent is just that, completely transparent with no base layer of white ink under it at all. These are basically like 12x12 clear waterslide sheets without the hassle. 

If you are not applying epoxy to seal it on to your tumbler, than yes, the outline will show. If you are applying epoxy over the Stickercal the clear outline of it may show depending on the style and color of the cup it is being placed on, but is typically blending in with the cup after a layer of epoxy is applied. At times, after epoxy, the clear outline may still faintly be visible, and again this will depend on the design/color of the cup. Typically on lighter color and glitter tumblers, the outline is rarely noticeable, but may show faintly on dark solid color tumblers. Stickercals can be applied to more than just tumblers - just keep in mind their clear outline will be visible. 

Shipping, Returns, Refunds, Orders

At this time you cannot add on to your order. Add-ons can create confusion, delays and avoidable packaging mistakes, therefore we have decided to not allow add-ons at this time. 

Due to COVID19 exigent circumstances, I am not currently accepting returns or exchanges. If you have any issues or problems with your order or products please contact me within 7 days of receiving your order.  

It isn’t uncommon for packages to be delayed especially in these rough times. The first thing I suggest doing is to set up text/email alerts with your USPS tracking number. Usually this step alone moves the package along/updates tracking within a day or two. If after 48 hours of setting up alerts your package has still not moved, then please reach out to me via email with your order number and we can start a missing mail search. You can also input for a missing mail search as well using this link. 

Sometimes USPS and UPS get ahead of themselves and scan your package as delivered when it has not been delivered. The first step is to make sure to check all surrounding areas to make sure you did not miss it, we all do it. If it is still not present - I recommend calling your local post master and asking them for the GPS coordinates of your package when it was delivered. Either they will inform you they still have the package, it was delivered where they state it was delivered or they delivered it to the wrong address. If you feel your package was stolen after speaking with your post office please email me and we will work on a missing/lost package - and you can also begin filing a claim with route if you chose that option at checkout.  

If your product arrives defective or damaged, please reach out to me within 5 days of receiving your order. You can use the contact pages on the website or email Please provide a detailed description of the issue as well as pictures. If this was something damaged during shipping, and you have Route+ shipping insurance coverage, you will file a claim through them using the link in the email sent to you from Route+ directly after placing your order.  

Route covers lost, stolen and damaged items that fit their listed criteria. Route offers options for refunds or to receive a replacement. When refunding, route covers the subtotal of the order. Shopping costs, taxes and the route premium are not included. When replacing an item, route covers the subtotal of the order, the route premium, shipping costs and taxes. Route is very responsive to claims made (much faster than USPS) and is more likely to accept your claim versus deny the claim, like USPS will likely do. It is highly recommended that you keep Route in your cart if your items require shipping. The premiums are no less than 98 cents, and a bit more depending on the amount of products added to the cart. Route is 100% worth it. I will not refund or replace items lost, stolen or damaged if a claim is denied by USPS. While I do believe the customer should not be punished by fault of the Post Office, I also believe that I should not be penalized either, which is why I offer the Route option and recommend it. To learn more about Route shipping, click here

Turnaround time (processing time) is a standard 7-14 business days. Business days do not include holidays, weekends or the time your order is in the shipping process. When your shipping label for your order is printed, it automatically sends you an email with a tracking number. Depending on when your shipping label is printed, it may take 1-3 business days for your order to be either dropped off to or picked up by USPS/UPS. Orders do not ship separately.  

UPS and USPS are the two carriers whose services are offered to ship packages. From October 1 until January 30, UPS will be the only carrier option that will be offered. Due to the increased volume of packages and orders due to the holiday season, and the shortage of staff at USPS, UPS is more consistent with their shipping times. Shipping during this time may cost a little more, but your packages will have a better chance of getting to you in a timely manner. From February until September, there will be an option for both USPS and UPS. 

I have the right to ship your order by any means I feel is the most effective and necessary.  

When your shipping label is printed, you will automatically be emailed a tracking number. The best way to find the update on your order, is to create an account with the website in order to checkout your order history any time, including tracking numbers. 

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